Take a look at some Frequently asked Questions below, If your concern is not listed simply contact me and I'll gladly answer any lingering queries.

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Why do I need a Wedding Planner/Coordinator?

I am sure that you could successfully plan your wedding/event yourself. However, not everyone has the time, nor wants to deal with the stress it can entail.

Oftentimes, planning an event can become extremely overwhelming. There are a number of details that accompany planning an event and it can be easy to overlook some of the most essential aspects. Hiring a professional immediately eliminates an enormous chuck of the stress or anxiety associated with planning an event and it also gives you the assurance your creative concept comes to life!


Can I Add a Service That Is Not Included In The Planning Package?

Of Course! A Day Soiree offers all clients the convenience of customizing any planning package. Visit our 'Your Custom Soiree' page to view details on how I can add any detail for your special day. And Contact me to further discuss your planning needs!


Can you come with me to vendor meetings? Do you help with negotiations?

I love vendor meetings and am happy to attend! Even if these are not a part of your planning package, individual meetings can be added. And yes, I can certainly help you negotiate and review your contracts prior to signing.


We live so far away, how can we meet?

No worries!, Any clients that live far distances away from Raleigh, NC and are worried about regular meetings and/or our initial consultation, I have you covered! I'm always available to schedule video calls via Skype! - Or I can catch a flight to your location, FREE of charge!


How involved are you in the wedding planning process?

Depending on your specific needs, I'm willing to hold your hand as much as needed. I'll gladly be there every step of the way until the day you say " I do".  Take a look at my packages and see how I can be of service to you! Lets schedule a chat so you can get a better understanding of the service provided.

Do you work with additional staff?

A Day Soiree| Weddings & Special Events - Will hire additional staff as needed to successfully perform the services you have contracted & will make such recommendation to you as the need arises. The number of staff will be determined by the size of your wedding/event.



Is there a fee for the initial meeting?

Never! This is our time to get acquainted and to decide if we are a good fit for each other!  I am currently offering FREE 1 hour new-client consultations. Schedule your appointment today! 


Can I afford your services?

Yes, you can afford my services! I offer our clients the option of custom planning packages as well as strict budget management. Custom packages ensure your services are catered to your budget with specific attention to event cost.


Do you charge an hourly rate, flat fee or percentage of the budget?

Typically after our initial meeting, I will pull together a customized package and quote with a flat rate based on the size and scope of your special Soiree.